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Johnny Matijevich

Sensei Johnny Matijevich is a native of Chicago and is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran.  He received his colored belt training in California under Prof. Tom Ball, Kudan and received his Shodan rank in 1996.  Matijevich sensei started Red Dragon Jujitsu Club in 1998 which has continued to operate since then and is the first Danzan Ryu  dojo in the Denver, CO metropolitan area.


Mark Hacker

Mark's appreciation and love for martial arts began in 1982 when a co-worker, started teaching Sereff Taekwando and needed students to fill out his class. He agreed to take a few classes, at first just as a favor to a friend, but was soon hooked.

He started jujitsu as one of Johnny's first class of students in 1998. Since, he has earned a 2nd degree black belt in both karate and jujitsu, and enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience.

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