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What We Teach

At Red Dragon Jujitsu, we teach a style of traditional Japanese Jujitsu known as Danzan Ryu, or Sandalwood Mountain Style. Unlike Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, who focus on grappling on the ground, much of Japanese Jujitsu is done from a standing position.


Danzan Ryu breaks its techniques into 'lists', each list having techniques that are thematically similar. Each list builds on the last, teaching you the principals of jujitsu, so you are ready for the next list when you advance in rank.


Holds and Escapes

Yawara is the first list that a student of jujitsu learns. It includes wrist locks, standing submission holds, and escapes from common attacks, often grabs.

Through Yawara, you learn the basic principals of jujitsu, preparing you for the following lists.



After you have learned Yawara, you are ready for Nage, the art of throwing your opponent to the ground. 

You will learn to throw someone regardless of their size by using technique and skill. When you learn to control your opponent as you throw them you will be ready for the next list.



Shime is full of on-the-mat grappling techniques, similar to what you learn in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

You start by throwing your opponent with a Nage throw, then transitioning to a ground technique. These techniques include armbars, chokes, constrictions, and counters. 



Now it is time to combine all you have learned. Oku takes aspects of all the previous lists and blends them together, producing fluid combination techniques. 

Oku is more active and higher energy than the previous lists, and begins to cultivate a fighting spirit, the first step to becoming a black belt. 

Knife and Gun Defense

As a student begins to move into the more advanced stages of their training, they begin to learn techniques to defend against attack by gun or knife. 

Healing Arts

We believe that when you have the power to break something, you should also have the power to heal it. 

It is with this spirit that we teach two forms of healing arts. Kappo is a set of restorative techniques for common injuries or ailments. Seifukujitu is traditional Japanese restorative massage that can treat injuries or just promote personal wellness. 

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